Repairing AVI on Mac - Testimonial

Among various video file formats, AVI (Audio Video Interleave) video file formats are highly-preferred to record videos. It saves the recorded video files by using .avi file extension. AVI video file stores both audio and video information in a single container file that allows simultaneous playback of audio with video. You can play your favorite AVI movies on Mac machine by using Apple Quick Time player, Real Player, VLC media player, Elmedia Player and other. What if your AVI movie file stops playing in between and displays freeze images with only sound? If those AVI movies are favorite of yours and if you don’t have backup source for that, it really hard to bear with. In such kind of situations, only thing which disturbs you a lot is how to fix AVI Mac Machine?

If you are the one who stuck in such situation? Then have patience!!! At this particular stage, the only way left with you to perform AVI Mac repair is to employ some reliable and effective repair tool that should not cause any further damage to your AVI video file. Repair AVI Mac tool is the most proficient and read only tool which creates a copy of corrupt AVI video file and stores it on a reliable storage medium which ensures that your source AVI file is safe and secure. This tool is reviewed by expert group of skilled developers who are involved in designing and developing third-party AVI file repair tools. It is the best tool for AVI file repair on Mac based system. Now before we look into more amazing features of this robust repair AVI Mac tool, let’s take a quick glimpse on the reasons behind .avi file corruption.

Common Reasons behind AVI File Corruption on Mac Machine:

  • A severe corruption of AVI file header brings AVI file corruption
  • Creation of bad media spots on AVI video file
  • Improper use of digital camcorder that is being used to record AVI file
  • Incompatibility of supporting codec results in .avi file corruption
  • Improper compression of AVI video file on Mac machine also lead to AVI file corruption
  • Broken frames in audio or video data streams can corrupt the AVI file
  • File conversion errors that you may face while converting video file format from one format to other
  • AVI video file corruption on Mac after file transfer process. At this stage a third-party tool is required for AVI file repair on Mac
  • Interruptions while downloading AVI video file from internet results in incomplete file download
  • Drive file system corruption where AVI file is stored also results in AVI file corruption

There could be possibly various other reasons such as virus attack, insufficient storage space on the drive, exceeded file size and many other reasons that you may experience while using AVI video files. All in one solution is to employ the third-party tool for repairing AVI file on Mac platform and one such software is Repair AVI Mac that helps you to tackle with all above stated data loss scenarios. With the introduction of this amazing application AVI file repair on Mac system has became very easy and simple. However, in case you have backed up all your precious AVI video files then you can easily restore AVI files when you come across any data loss situation. But, in case of no backup source, you can use Repair AVI Mac software to fix AVI on Mac.

Why choose this software?

It is the best utility to overcome from AVI file corruption problems. Though there are many utilities available in the market to perform AVI file repair on Mac machine but Repair AVI Mac is the most reliable one. The advanced file fixing algorithms of this utility will repair corrupt or damaged AVI file in just easy steps. Using this tool you can easily mend your corrupt AVI video file within a few minutes and making it playable again. The tool can perform fixing AVI movie files on Mac systems easily within a few mouse clicks. The tool is user interactive which does not require any technical skill and hence Repair AVI Mac tool can even be used by non-technical person for repairing AVI video files on Macintosh computers. In short you can say Repair AVI Mac tool is a one-stop solution for a person who doesn’t know how to repair AVI on Mac machine.

Features of Repair AVI Mac tool:

  • Repair AVI file only in few simple clicks
  • This application supports only 64-bit Mac operating systems
  • Repair AVI Mac software has the capability to repair AVI file stored on any storage drives such as hard disk drive, pen drives, camcorder, iPods, external hard drive and many more.
  • The application is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface. Even a person with less technical skill can use this tool for repairing his/her corrupt AVI files.
  • This tool will separately repair audio and video track of corrupt AVI file and later on combine them to make it playable on various media players.
  • Apart from repairing AVI this app even mends other corrupt video file format such as XVID and DIVX
  • Repair AVI Mac application can fix AVI files on all major versions of Mac operating system including High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • Free trial version of Repair AVI Mac software is also available, user can download it and check the software performance

Useful Suggestions:

  • Don’t interrupt the AVI file downloading process in between
  • Avoid forcible removal of external drive in between file transferring process
  • Use some trustworthy tool for repairing corrupt AVI file
  • Maintain a backup of your important AVI file, it will help you at the time of corruption

Learn how to fix AVI on Mac system:

First download and install demo version of Repair AVI Mac tool on your Mac machine.

Step 1: Run the tool and select “Browse” button to choose AVI file that needs to be repaired and then hit on “Repair” to fix AVI file as illustrated in Figure 1.

Repair AVI on Mac - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The tool scans and repairs the corrupted or damaged AVI file. The Window screen displays the completion of AVI repair process as illustrated in Figure 2.

How to Repair AVI Mac - Scanning Screen

Figure 2: Scanning Screen

Step 3: Once the tool repairs corrupt AVI file, you will be able to preview the AVI file by using “Preview Repaired File” in a separate window as illustrated in Figure 3.

Repair AVI Video Mac - Preview Repaired AVI File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired AVI File

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