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Have you ever got stuck in a situation wherein while playing the recorded AVI file on your Mac machine, the AVI video stopped playing and an error message pops up saying that “This AVI file is broken, do you want to repair it?? And, thus following this error message you clicked OK and the player starts to fix corrupt AVI files. But, this would not repair broken AVI video file permanently and for the next time when you try to play the AVI file it rejects to play and displays the same error message. If so, then need not get upset, there is repair AVI Mac tool that helps you in repairing broken AVI files within a couple of moments. This corrupt AVI fixer tool effectively repairs corrupt or broken AVI file on your Mac machine.

AVI is the most popular multimedia video file format that is developed by Microsoft and can also be played on your Mac machines with ease. The file extension of this AVI video file is .avi and it supports several streaming audio and video features. Despite of being so advanced, these AVI files may get corrupt or broken and makes the AVI files unplayable thereby inhibiting the access to the stored data. When the AVI files become unplayable due to broken frames, then it would generate soundless photos, or leads the image to freeze while playing sound. But, with the use of our powerful repair AVI Mac software, one can easily fix broken AVI videos and restore entire data from it.

Usual factors under which AVI files are broken:

One must always have a habit of creating backup of all essential and precious AVI video files so that at the time AVI file is broken or corrupt you can always get back the lost AVI files. However, in case you haven’t backed up data then in all the above mentioned uncertainties, one should employ Repair AVI Mac toolkit to fix broken AVI videos and restore all the data from it. This robust repair toolkit is a non destructive read-only tool as it ensures that it does not make changes to the original broken AVI file while repairing broken AVI files. This utility is intelligent enough to help you to repair broken AVI video files and video files with index issues as well. Using this repairing app you can easily know how to fix AVI index on Mac without any difficulty.

While repairing broken AVI files this tool separately fix audio and video stream and later on adjoins both audio and video data streams side by side. It can fix AVI movies files on Mac systems with ease and accuracy and is recommended by several industry experts who are influenced in developing AVI file repair tools.

Guidelines of Repairing Broken AVI Files:

Step1: First get the demo version of this tool and do the installation on the hard disk of your computer. Then run the tool and from the home screen select “Browse” button to select the broken Avi files and then hit “Repair” button to repair broken AVI video files. Once you click on Repair button it gets enabled for fixing broken AVI file as shown in Figure A.

Repairing Broken AVI Files - Click on Repair

Figure A: Click on Repair

Step2: Now, the software starts scanning the broken AVI file and fixes it that can be seen in Figure B.

Repairing Broken AVI Video Files - Scanning Screen

Figure B: Scanning Screen

Step3: When the repair process gets completed, you can view your repaired broken AVI file as in Figure C.

Software for Repairing Broken AVI Files - Preview Repaired AVI File

Figure C: Preview Repaired AVI File