AVI is a Video file format that is most commonly preferred by a lot of users worldwide. AVI is short for Audio Video Interleave which is created by Microsoft Incorporation and it includes both audio and video. The AVI files have file extension of .avi and can be saved, accessed on Mac operating system computers with very ease. This AVI file lets synchronous audio with video playback, similar to DVD video formats. Though AVI files have several advantages over other video file formats, but at times when these Avi files get corrupt because of various unknown reasons, then they become unplayable and refuses you to access the data in it.

What can be done in such terrible situation? Is there any reliable and appropriate corrupt AVI fixer tool that knows how to repair AVI file not opening in QuickTime after corruption after corruption? Sounds similar right!!! You need not to worry!!! These days, corruption of AVI video file has become a quite common issue and is being faced by many AVI file users. The only way to repair corrupt AVI file is you have to make use of repair AVI Mac software. This software know how to fix AVI video problems and restores all valuable information stored in it.

Common scenarios of AVI file corruption:

Malware Invasion: In case you are sharing or downloading any AVI file from internet, then there are instances that your AVI video file might get corrupted because of harmful external threats such as viruses. These deadly viruses would damage the file and make it unplayable. If you are looking out for software to fix corrupted AVI files, thenuse this software.

Media Player malfunctioning:While playing AVI movie files, if you notice some irregularities in the functioning of media player, then your AVI file could get corrupt and would not play when you try to play it for the next time. In addition to this, if suddenly your media player gets crashed or`abrupt closure of media player can also damage your Avi file and makes the video file inaccessible to its user resulting in data loss. Using this repair tool, you can repair AVI movies files easily and quickly.

Power Outage issues: The AVI video file may also get damaged because of incomplete execution of AVI file transfer process. While transferring AVI video files from one storage drive to another, if your computer gets terminated due to sudden power failure then it would cause damage to your recorded AVI file and does not allow it to open.

Errors in Codec: Codec is the supporting file for playing your AVI video files. There are different codec that supports different AVI video files. If this codec supporting file gets damaged, then it results in inaccessibility of your AVI files and makes it unusable to you leading to loss of vital information saved in it. However, through the use of this application, you can repair corrupt AVI file easily with accuracy.

There could be several other scenarios of .avi file corruption, but luckily these AVI video files can be repaired by using repair AVI Mac software and thus making it playable. This efficient repair AVI Mac tool can fix broken AVI videos files and adjoining both audio and video data streams simultaneously. The powerful corrupt AVI fixer tool can mend corrupt AVI file on all versions of Mac OS X i.e. Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion. It can fix large sized damage / corrupted Avi video files just within few fast clicks of your mouse.

Note: To avoid AVI corruption scenarios, it’s better to create backup of all the precious Avi video files and save them on some reliable secondary storage source so that it would help you to restore lost Avi files easily. And, it is also essential not to use the drive from where the AVI files are lost due to corruption. Moreover, this tool is capable enough to repair damaged AVI files on Mac OS that too in just a couple of seconds.

Easy steps to fix corrupt AVI video File:

Step1: Download and install repair AVI Mac software on the hard disk of your Mac computer. Then, run the tool and click on “Browse” button to select corrupt AVI file and then hit on “Repair” button to start repairing corrupt AVI file as depicted in Figure 1.

Corrupt AVI Fixer - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: After selecting the repair button, the repair button will get enable to repair corrupt AVI File as depicted in Figure 2.

Corrupt AVI Repairer - Click on Repair

Figure 2: Click on Repair

Step3: Once this AVI file fixer repairs your corrupt AVI file, you can preview your fixed AVI file in separate window and finally save your repaired Avi file to a desired location as depicted in Figure 3

Corrupt AVI Fixing Tool - Save Repaired Files

Figure 3: Save Repaired Files