AVI is the media container file extension introduced by Microsoft.  AVI file contains both audio and video data. While accessing or playing song if you come across a situation where in as soon as you open the AVI file in Mac system a message displays saying “This AVI file is broken. Seeking will not work correctly. Do you want to try to fix it? If you click on yes then it starts fixing AVI file and after fixing when you try to open AVI file the same message again pops up. You get to see this message when your AVI video fie index is corrupt or broken. If the index is corrupt then AVI file refuses to play any of the video and audio files. After facing such astonishing situation, you might easily jump on to a conclusion that you cannot fix AVI index on Mac anymore. But you are totally in a wrong world; you can now overcome this situation very easily with help of Repair AVI Mac app. This tool cannot only help you to know how to fix AVI index on Mac but also equally lends a helping land if you are struck with damaged AVI files on Mac. It can easily repair damaged AVI file on Mac OS within moments of time.

Scenarios for corruption of AVI file Index:

  • AVI file index might get corrupt due to incomplete download of file from internet on your Mac device. But no worries as this robust repair software has potential to fix AVI file index on Mac
  • Index might get corrupted if there is any interruption while converting the format of AVI file.
  • To play any AVI video file on Mac, one needs supporting file which is nothing but codec. If this codec gets corrupt then AVI file index might get damaged. But now,it is easy to fix AVI index on Mac with the help of Repair AVI Mac tool with great ease.
  • Sometimes, due to heavy virus attack while sharing your AVI file over a network, might make you suffer with broken AVI index on Mac.

To put an end to such scenarios, you can make use of this reliable tool which helps you easily know how to fix AVI file index on Mac without much difficulty.

Precaution to be kept in mind:

  • Always maintain a proper backup of the files so that it might help you in case of AVI file loss.
  • Always make use of proper and well known antivirus tool to save your file from getting corrupt.
  • Make use of some reliable tool for converting one format of AVI file to other.

Significant features of Mac AVI repair tool to fix AVI index on Mac

  • This utility tool is free from external threats like virus / malware and can easily repair AVI index on Mac without causing any further damage to your source AVI video clips.
  • Using this tool one can easily fix AVI header Mac system with great accuracy that too within few moments of time.
  • Repair AVI Mac tool plays a major role in fixing broken, corrupted or damaged AVI video file within less span of time.
  • This tool can fix AVI index on Mac computer working with different versions such as Leopard, snow leopard, Lion and many more.
  • With the help of this tool you can repair AVI files on Mavericks that are damaged or corrupted due to any reason.

Steps which can help you know how to fix AVI index:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the repairing tool. Then, run the tool and click on “Browse” option and after that select “Repair” button in order to fix AVI index on Mac. Once you click on repair button the software starts the repairing process.


Fix AVI index on Mac - Click on Repair

Figure A: Click on Repair

Step 2: Now, the software starts the scanning process to fix AVI file index on Mac as shown in fig.

How to Fix AVI Index - Scanning Screen

Figure B: Scanning Screen

Step 3: Once it is done with repair process, you can view those repaired files using “Preview” option.

Repair AVI index on Mac - Preview Repaired AVI File

Figure C: Preview Repaired AVI File